Feeling stressed, anxious or more burnout lately? Here are some tips to practice daily so you can feel good on the inside and out!

Tips for Adults to take care of their well being first:

1. Practice emotional intelligence to support your resilience. EQ is being smarter with ALL feelings. There are no such thing as bad or good emotions. All emotions are normal to feel. When we learn not to push them away, it’s then we transform our lives and show up with confidence as we desire to in parenting, business and in life.

First step: Do daily Emotion check-in with yourself during transitions of your day. Name your emotions accurately.

feelings wheel

Ask how am I feeling by accurately naming your emotions using feeling words. I feel…
Emotions are temporary, like visitors, they stay awhile but leave. They will pass and I can ride the waves of emotions and not drown in them.
Accurately Naming emotions is critical to my well-being. One of the main things i see in my clients is not accurately naming why they feel stress, identifying is it stress or anxiety? There’s a difference between stress, anxiety, anger etc. and different coping tools that are unique to use to have control of over each feelings, so name them accurately is the key to problem solving how to manage them. 

 2. Explore what is the meaning of the emotion.

This is where I help my clients dive deeper on the meaning how they are feeling so we can clearly understand what the feeling means that is causing the behavior (ie; procrastination, yelling, sleep issues, over planning, negative mindset, confidence issues, social/anxiety, lack of focus, relationship issues etc.)

Once we know why we are feeling that way and the true meaning behind it, then we can integrate powerful coping tools to face` the emotion head on with no judgement and self compassion, heal, and manage the emotion in healthier ways, so it doesn’t control how we live and lead in life.

Each emotion has a different meaning behind it. They are important messages we need to pay attention to and explore.

Look deeper on the emotion you are feeling. Every emotion has a purpose and meaning.

feeling words 2

Emotion 1

Picture credit: Susan David, Brene brown, six seconds, EQ Network

3. Identify where you are physically feeling stress in your body.

Stress not only impacts your mind but impacts your immune system easier to feel sick, gain weight etc. Checking with yourself during transitions of your day, to where you carrying stress in body (ie; shoulders, jaw, neck, etc.)

Start noticing throughout day by setting a timer to take breaks, and do a body scan to notice where you are carrying feeling stress in your body and do things to calm down and rest your nervous system (fight, freeze, flight) stress response.

Such as, wash you face, drink water, go outside in nature a bit, take a few deep breaths, unclench your jaw, do some stretching, relax your shoulders. Your mental health will thank you!

4. Try Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT):


It is where you tap on meridian points on your body to calm down the stress center in your brain (fight, freeze, flight) response. It is important because once you are emotionally hijacked you lose the rational side of your brain, the part responsible for problem solving and making good decisions, and you act on emotions alone (yelling, emotional eating, lack of focus, exhaustion etc.)

You tap on the negative issue that is trigger you, then tap with positive affirmations to tap it away.

It is proven to help with a range of issues, anxiety, depression, public speaking, phobias, brain fog, weight gain, procrastination, burnout, etc.

Tapping daily helped transform my life. A way for me to be able to truly learn to feel and process all my emotions, reset the nervous system in my body so I don’t get emotionally hijacked by the (fight, freeze, flight) response, to live in emotional freedom, show up with confidence as I desire to be.

Most of all, to have stress in my day as it is inevitable, but have a better relationship with stress so it doesn’t control my mindset and life, I control it.


Let me know what tools you want to practice more of? What you liked the best? Try it for 7 days and see how it will transform you life.

These are the tools I teach in my emotional wellness mastermind called Thrive in EQ. If you wanting to have a better relationship with stress, master your mindset, feel more confident on the inside and out, or want tools to help your kids manage emotions in healthier ways

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We are not meant to do life, parenting or business alone,

Together is better,

Tabatha Marden


Tabatha Marden