Emotions are messages, for my star war peeps your (Inner Yoda)
😢Sadness is a common emotion to feel during the holidays, not one we choose to feel but one important to feel
❤It means I have lost something important I love
Sadness helps us appreciate happiness and those important to us
My step father Bob passed and holidays are tough on my family.
My son just turned 18 yrs old and looking at past b-day videos with him, Bob was always in the videos right next to him and made holidays very special for me and the kids.
Although he is greatly missed, I honor how I feel and embrace the feelings of sadness
Helps me appreciate being alive and in the present with those I love
👉For many feeling sadness is caused from:
👉Losing a loved one includes your beloved pet
👉Not being able to be with your loved ones due to the pandemic
👉Social & Spiritual loss etc.
Whatever the reason shows up for you here are 4 tools to add to your emotion toolbelt to help when feeling sadness.
Most importantly remember this is not a time to isolate yourself but to connect with those you love.
👉Share what is causing you to feel sadness and tools to help you cope with it, Together is always better and your coping tools can really help someone else.
Tabatha Marden