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I turned 45 a few days ago, life is short, is why I’m even more motivated to take action steps to improve my emotional and mental wellbeing to enjoy life, be a better mom, business leader and help people stress less, feel connected and have stronger relationships to live a happier life.  

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As a Emotional Wellness + Leadership Coach, after seeing numerous people struggle with stress, anxiety, burnout and confidence in life stop short of pursuing how they want to show up in their own life, in parenting, careers, sports, families, communities relationships, school, etc. and enjoying quality of life, because of fear, negative self talk (Inner Bully/Limiting belief) thoughts and pushing away emotions.

I saw the need for practicing emotional intelligence, more honest conversations about feeling and honoring all emotions, even the unpleasant ones, face them head one, move through the discomfort of them, so they don’t call the shots on who you are and how you live.

To take action I wanted to share Mental Wellness Tips you can practice NOW and throughout life to improve your emotional wellbeing

5 Love Languages

Mental Wellness Tip 1: Learn your love language to strengthen any relationships

✨ To help my clients build stronger relationships both romantic and non-romantic relationships we dive deep on what their love language is romantically and non romantic relationships in their life 

▶️Why? it is important to be socially connected for our emotional and mental health

✨Harvard study found strong relationships is key to what keep people happy throughout their lives. 

✨Relationships to be far and away the strongest predictor of life satisfaction, and better predictors of long and happy lives than social class, wealth, fame, IQ, or even genes.

✨No only correlated with happiness, but with physical health, longevity, and financial success, too.

✨Knowing your own love language helps you learn how to communicate to others what you need from them in a relationship- romantic or not, those you are closest to most.

✨Knowing other people’s love languages helps you understand what they need in order for them to know you appreciate them.

▶️Reply back and share what your love language is 

▶️Next 7 days consider some of the people closest to you? What do you think their primary love languages are?

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Mental Wellness Tip 2: Notice with curiosity what your emotions are trying to communicate to you.

This is a ongoing practice for me and a skill I help my clients work on to develop a better relationship with ALL emotions.

✨It a way to check in with your values and align your behavior and life in that direction.

✨Our emotions are data and messages something is important to us and to pay attention to it not push it away

▶️ I had to dig deep in my emotional truth and change my behavior setting boundaries in time watching news and being fully present with my loved ones. Getting clear on the messages my emotions was communing to me helped me align my behavior to my values and be more connected and show up better as a parent and in my business 👇here’s my 2 situations

✨If you feel upset when you watch the news, you may value justice and fairness and need to set boundaries how much time and energy you spend watching it as it is impacting your mental health

✨If you are struggling to connect with your child, you may value being present with them but allowing busyness, sports, social media getting in the way of spending quality time together.

▶️When you are open to feeling and honoring difficult emotions, you are open to the messages of the emotion and that’s when real success happens and we get motivated to change our behavior to align with your values

▶️Next 7 days notice what you are feeling most with curiosity and the message your emotion is communicating to you.

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Mental Wellness Tip #3

✨Practice emotional intelligence 3 steps (goals, meaning and purpose to put in action)

✨In a world that tells you go go go, do do do. Its easy to only focus on taking action and lose sight of why the action is important which causes more stress, anxiety and burnout

✨When we focus on our meaning and purpose in relationships, careers, communities, sports, etc. it’s then we improve our mental health and achieve goals by aligning our behavior to our values even in times of stress

▶️Next 7 days try to breakdown your goals and use these 3 steps by six seconds as a journal prompt to gain clarity on why you do what you do

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Mental Wellness Tip #4: choose habit to practice and grow in for 21 days

▶️I choose journaling my negative thoughts daily and reframing them so my inner bully thoughts do not have power over my behavior and goals. As well as posting daily mental health tips for 30 days to help people stress less and experience more happiness

▶️Whatever you focus your energy and brain on it will grow

▶️Habits take 21 days to fully form a new habit, as it takes 21 days for new neuropathways to be fully formed in your brain

▶️Next 21 days pick a habit to focus your energy on and grow and feel the improvement it makes in your confidence and mental health

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Mental Health Wellness Tip#5: Schedule 30 minutes of fun daily

We can easily forget to make it a priority to schedule daily on our to do list to do something fun, to play, feel joy as an adult.

✨Psychologist & Behavioral Scientist Michael Rucker, PHD shares research-backed reasons you should have fun for at least 30 minutes a day to improve your mental wellness:

✨5 reasons why:

1️⃣It can improve your relationships. When our lives become routine and lackluster, our relationships tend to suffer. Do fun stuff with friends and your loved ones

2️⃣It’s good for your brain: When you have fun, you are naturally stimulating your curiosity and using your imagination, which helps strengthen your visualization and critical thinking skills.

3️⃣It can encourage physical activity. Experts have found that routine exercise can be as powerful in managing anxiety and mood disorders, like depression.

4️⃣It makes you laugh: It is no secret that chronic stress has long-term negative effects on our well-being. Having a good laugh is a natural antidote to stress.

5️⃣It allows you to tend to your inner child. Play like kids again, Finding adult ways to be playful can help us to awaken our curiosity for play, feel joy, and enjoy quality of life as we learned this year appreciate every.

▶️For the next 7 days, do something fun for at least 30 min. a day and feel the benefits in your mood and health

Below is a blog by mindbodygreen how scheduling 30 minutes of daily fun can improve your wellbeing–5-27-2021&utm_term=health&utm_content=new&fbclid=IwAR3YcYCA4bI9TVJ9XU_L-FVl-L2XLIkaX5rHpZrPH7Ro8lnCiI-jEUaMD3Y


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