3 Reasons Why Your Children Struggle to Express & Manage Big Emotions…and how to help them with coping skills to manage difficult emotions and gain resilience.

Are you tired of yelling, being frustrated, and not knowing the best ways to effectively manage your child’s BIG emotions in today’s world? 

If so, Join me in my FREE workshop where you will learn:

  • Why kids, tweens & teens are frustrated, worried, anxious, and angry
  • Discover the “hidden triggers” causing your child’s challenging behavior and stop it before it even starts
  • How to build a “Resilience” toolbox of calming coping tools to have at the ready to self-regulate
  • How to get your kids to express and manage big emotions in healthier ways
  • How to get your kids to notice their anger before it rises and they lose control of their emotions
  • Tips to teach your child to practice emotional intelligence so they can stress less and FEEL Happier in life NOW through adulthood
  • How to develop a parent-child relationship you want in moments of crisis, anxiety, stress etc.
  • The confidence to tackle on the most challenging behaviors with practical solutions on power struggles…so you can go from overwhelmed, stressed, to having a parent-child relationship you are proud of

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We were not designed to “do it all” We are designed to be in tribes and community to support our kids social-emotional wellbeing!

Join me in my FREE workshop, Wednesday June 24th at 10:00 MST


Tabatha Marden


Tabatha Marden