✨Worry thoughts isn’t just about overcoming the thoughts in our mind (racing thoughts or feelings of overwhelm etc.)
✨It’s about handling physical sensations in the body that come along with it
✨Research shows one-third of kids suffer from stress that manifests physically in the form of:
✨Headaches, stomachs and more…
✨When my son was a freshman I took him to the ER three times with severe stomach pain thinking it was his appendix
✨Only to find out his test anxiety was causing his body more stress than we thought
✨This was the beginning of my journey as a Emotional Health Coach to help people with tools to stress less , heal and experience more happiness in life.
👉You may have noticed moments your child is anxious about:
✅Bday party/Social Event
👊And BOOM body strikes back with headache, stomach ache etc.
✨One of the effective tools I teach kids is to learn how to notice where worry is showing up in the body and tools to help avoid getting emotionally hijacked (fight, flight, freeze) response that can holds them back from enjoying school, friends, social activities etc.
✨To calm the mind we must learn how to calm the body and takes practice and awareness to do so
Credit pic: Natashia Daniels

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You will get fresh new tools to add to your “parent toolbelt” on tools to raise emotionally intelligent children, why they get stuck and what you can do about it.

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