There’s no such thing as perfect parenting, no such thing as doing it “right” during this time. But the emotion of frustration is real and a struggle to work through being home together all the time.

I wanted to share an activity you can do with your kids and bring up the conversation to work through frustration and feeling more calm in a fun interactive way.

I used an interactive activity by Go Zen with my online EQ and Speech therapy groups. Kids, Tweens & Teens really enjoyed it as well as came up with problem solving strategies to help themselves when feeling frusterated.

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Tips to help kids work from feeling frusterated to more calm:

  1. Set some routines in place at home write it out, post it, make it fun, get kids involved in how they plan their time, activities and learning
  2. Set up a constructive space. Tools at the ready. Organized. Clear of distractions. Allow for choices on timing, snacks and tools. Allow for mistakes as it is part of learning
  3. Plan and schedule times for emotional and physical health with interactive actvities that teach how to express emotions in a way. Have your kids do the activity I used my EQ groups and Speech therapy online sessions in the video. It’s  FREE by GO Zen on learning about frusteration Click Here
  4. Set times for quiet time “me time” with each child. Limit how long children play together. Include movement to break up time together
  5. Have a family huddle and give permission to express emotions: It is key to help transform frusteration to more calm, peace and joy in your home. Proactively practice before frusteration arise. Example, have each child take turns sharing feelings and the problem

I feel___________________insert feeling

when you ____________________


Come up with ideas how you can work it out, what ideas can you agree on. Try it out, If it doesn’t work come up with other ideas together. Practice makes progress. The goal is to have proactive steps ahead of time and getting kids involved in conflict resolution and problem solving.

6. Arm siblings with problem-solving skills teach each child ahead of time so they know how to work through struggles. This will help build stronger bond.

7. Take brain breaks throughout day CLICK HERE       and Click Here for some more resources

8. Have proactive phrases and statements kids can say to eachother when feeling frusterated. Role play the scenrios and play them out prior to avoid the emotional rollcoaster of emotions. Examples:

Instead of STOP!  say “I don’t like it when you…can you please

Instead of GO AWAY! say “will you give me some space” or “when can we play again”

Instead of Give me that say “will you show me how to” or “when can I have a turn”

Instead of calling Mom or Dad every 5 minutes say “let’s try to figure out by ourselves. What would mom or dad say if we asked them”

I would love to hear from you what ideas and things you are doing when feeling “Frustrated” we are all in this together lets share some tips and tricks.

Happy parenting, stay safe and healthy friends!

-Tabatha Marden





Tabatha Marden