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How To Help Your Kids/Teens Improve Confidence & Mental Health

Close your eye and visualize your son/daughter leaving to college or moving away from home and ask yourself what are the dreams and skills I wish for them to have? Most likely your first thoughts are not about grades, popularity or being a athlete The 4 most common skills parents share with me and as […]

Anxiety, Worry, Stress Not Only Show Up In The Mind, But Physically In The Body…And What You Can Do About It

✨Worry thoughts isn’t just about overcoming the thoughts in our mind (racing thoughts or feelings of overwhelm etc.) ✨It’s about handling physical sensations in the body that come along with it ✨Research shows one-third of kids suffer from stress that manifests physically in the form of: ✨Headaches, stomachs and more… ✨When my son was a […]

Building Mental Wellness & Confidence In Kids Is Needed More Than Ever…Join My Free Workshop to learn skills to raise Emotionally Intelligent Children

✨Do you have kids that struggle with expressing or managing emotions? ✨Are your kids feeling stressed? ✨Are you concerned about your child’s mental health? ✨Are you wanting some fresh new tools to add to add to your parent toolbelt that are proven to improve mental health, confidence and behavior in kids?   ✨Tools to help […]