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How to deal with stress & anxiety

Remote learning has had its high and lows in my house. There has been frustrations, and bright spots. I’m going with the flow as best as possible, practicing my own coping strategies to homeschool without the power struggles, and work from home and help with studies, and take care of myself so I can have […]

Is Your Child Highly Sensitive?

I raise highly sensitive kids, most of my clients and students are highly sensitive. It is really important that we help our kids and teens learn their “talents” that come along with being a sensitive person. Highly sensitive children and teens are often misunderstood…is why I am passionate about sharing with you a better understanding […]

Loneliness, anxiety and depression were on the rise before the pandemic…how do we support our children’s social-emotional wellbeing during this time?

Due to the uncertainity of when will this pandemic end, the protests, violence, when school will resume, clubs, events nfor kids, not wearing mask etc. causes alot of BIG emotions for parents and children Feelings of: Stressed Bored Frustrated Isolated…on house arrest or lockdown List goes on and on…. The truth is loneliness, anxiety and […]

3 Reasons Why Your Children Struggle to Express & Manage Big Emotions…and how to help them with coping skills to manage difficult emotions and gain resilience. Are you tired of yelling, being frustrated, and not knowing the best ways to effectively manage your child’s BIG emotions in today’s world?  If so, Join me in my […]