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Anxiety, Worry, Stress Not Only Show Up In The Mind, But Physically In The Body…And What You Can Do About It

✨Worry thoughts isn’t just about overcoming the thoughts in our mind (racing thoughts or feelings of overwhelm etc.) ✨It’s about handling physical sensations in the body that come along with it ✨Research shows one-third of kids suffer from stress that manifests physically in the form of: ✨Headaches, stomachs and more… ✨When my son was a […]

Building Mental Wellness & Confidence In Kids Is Needed More Than Ever…Join My Free Workshop to learn skills to raise Emotionally Intelligent Children

✨Do you have kids that struggle with expressing or managing emotions? ✨Are your kids feeling stressed? ✨Are you concerned about your child’s mental health? ✨Are you wanting some fresh new tools to add to add to your parent toolbelt that are proven to improve mental health, confidence and behavior in kids?   ✨Tools to help […]

Feeling Sad? 4 Healthy Ways To Deal With Sadness

Emotions are messages, for my star war peeps your (Inner Yoda) Sadness is a common emotion to feel during the holidays, not one we choose to feel but one important to feel It means I have lost something important I love Sadness helps us appreciate happiness and those important to us My step father Bob […]

How to deal with stress & anxiety

Remote learning has had its high and lows in my house. There has been frustrations, and bright spots. I’m going with the flow as best as possible, practicing my own coping strategies to homeschool without the power struggles, and work from home and help with studies, and take care of myself so I can have […]