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3 Reasons Why Your Children Struggle to Express & Manage Big Emotions…and how to help them with coping skills to manage difficult emotions and gain resilience. Are you tired of yelling, being frustrated, and not knowing the best ways to effectively manage your child’s BIG emotions in today’s world?  If so, Join me in my […]

Tips To Help When Your Child Is Angry

Parenting is hard work; your are pushed to hone the skills of negotiation, patience, courage, and resilience everyday. I like this metaphor “Parenting is like trying to stand up in a hammock and not spill your lemonade.” Parents and children are stressed more than ever right now. Parenting is a emotional roll coaster ride of […]

Virtual Ideas To Maintain Social Connection For Kids

“Social distancing and separation are a big part of what is needed to deal with the pandemic and we need to talk about how to counter their effects: we still need to be sensitive to our nervous system’s need to socially engage and connect.” ~ Stephen Porges This week has been filled with more sadness […]

Homeschooling Resources And Actvities During School Closures

In my THRIVE in EQ groups I teach kids how to practice emotional health, skills needed NOW through adulthood such as (ie; transform anxiety into resilence, building confidence, social skills, growth mindset, overcoming fear and failure, empathy etc.) I use alot of the resources from six seconds, the emotional intelligence network where I got my […]

E-Learning online sites to use while kids off at School

It’s truely a roller coaster of emotions with districts, work, sport events etc. are cancelled and closed due to COVID-19 and it is kinda scary. How are you feeling during house arrest? Are your kids already bored? Are you losing your mind yet? Are overwhelmed yet? Are your kiddos arguing yet? Are you feeling calm, […]