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Manage Coronavirus Anxiety & What To Say To Your Child About IT

Panic is just as contagious as viruses Its the talk at recess It’s the talk at school It’s the talk in the halls It’s the talk in the grocery stores  Instagram, Headline News, TV,  ALL Social Media Disneyland closed and other popular events are cancelled  Schools, Sports, church etc. closed We’re all feeling the impact of […]

What Can We Do To Protect Our Kids From Online Sexual Predators?

A Mother’s Experience with Online Sexual Predators, as an 11 year old girl To protect our kids, we need to be informed! No matter how young or old your kids are, take a few minutes to inform yourself of what is happening online to kids… A recent online sexual predators experiment by Bark (Bark is a parental control phone monitoring app to […]

Great Resources For Parents On Emotions & Parenting With Emotional Intelligence

We are not meant to do this parent thing alone. Heres some valuable parenting resources of articles, books, and sites etc.   Parent Resources: “The Mental and Emotional Tool Kit” (for teens and adults) by Ray Mathis: http://www.itsjustanevent.com/ http://kellybear.com/ Kelly Bear resources teach children essential life skills such as self-control, problem solving, healthy living habits, and social […]