✨Do you have kids that struggle with expressing or managing emotions?

✨Are your kids feeling stressed?

✨Are you concerned about your child’s mental health?

✨Are you wanting some fresh new tools to add to add to your parent toolbelt that are proven to improve mental health, confidence and behavior in kids?


✨Tools to help your child communicate their wants and needs better to support their social emotional wellbeing?

👉Join me Jan. 20th at 10:00 MST Az. Time, I share the 5 skills of social emotional learning (Principals of EQ) and how to apply these skills with children.

Today millions of families are seeing their lives change forever, and learning to parent a different a way. Whether it’s from death of a loved one, the news, financial loss, or increased fear, anxiety, and social isolation the pandemic has taken a toll on our children.

A recent study survey found that 7 in 10 teenagers struggle with mental health. And more than two-thirds of the students surveyed they felt pressure to hide true feelings and were trying deal with the problems themselves.

No matter what self-help book your read, parent resource, therapist, podcast etc. the one skill that is consistently told and proven to improve mental health, confidence, behavior and academics in kids is Emotional intelligence (EQ).

It is why I am hosting a FREE workshop to help mom’s, caregivers, aunts, grandparents, anyone who supports children on the skills to raise emotionally intelligent children.

A way to come together, share struggles and get effective tools needed for kids to THRIVE and handle life challenges now through adulthood.

These skills are researched based and the skills I teach in schools all over the valley helping teachers integrate in the classrooms as well as the skills I teach in my Emotional Wellness Program to business leaders, parents, kids and teens.

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Tabatha Marden



Tabatha Marden