Tabatha is a Certified BPC with Six Seconds, the largest global network of emotional intelligence practitioners. Teaches the measurable, learnable, science-based skills of emotional intelligence.

Helping Businesses Thrive In EQ through training, workshops, team building events, assessment and coaching.

Why EQ? The bottom line…individuals who focus on emotional intelligence are experiencing less stress, greater confidence, agility, connection, effectiveness, well-being, stronger relationships and balance.

And, organizations are experiencing world-class levels of engagement, greater agility, higher profits, increased customer retention, greater collaboration, increased innovation, and overall organizational vitality.

Leaders with high emotional intelligence create more connected and motivated team that leads to better business outcomes, happier employees and more productive teams. Emotional Intelligence holds the key!  

Drawing upon evidence-based techniques,  assessments, and an applied coaching model, our aim is simple, to give Businesses a framework to help build and create a emotional intelligent culture in the workplace.

This training is a game-changing tool for your team.  It will make a dramatic difference to improve Employee Performance, Leadership Effectiveness, and Customer Satisfication. 

Why EQ Training

The desire to learn and grow is the second biggest performance influencer for employees. And, the inability to learn and grow is the number one reason why employees look for a new job. (Josh Bersin 2018)

Emotional intelligence covers critical skills that businesses and teams need to function, such as communication, conflict resolution, pursuing excellence and more. Leaders who invest in Emotional Intelligence training for themselves and their organizations develop the following critical skills that drive business results:

 Solution Based Topics

  • Increase Relationships, collaborate to navigate emotions in tough situations
  •  Effective strategies to react under pressure, , slow down and seek solutions to solve problems, work together as a team to improve trust
  • Well-being, manage health to feel optimal energy and focus (Eliminate stress and busyness, and practice self-care and self-discipline to live a healthy lifestyle.)
  • Increase Focus, Drive, Action, Connection, Motivation in teams
  • Discover strengths and how to engage in their talents
  • Learn how emotions drive people’s decision making, creativity, relationships, health and performance in the workplace
  • Strategies to overcome resistance to change, strengthen optimism skills among teams
  • Stress management/reduction, reduce burnout, cultivate Growth mindset, Agility
  • How to navigate emotions through complexity demands and challenges to foster innovation
  • Effective ways to manage stress & anxiety in the workplace, how to handle your emotions with angry customers, management etc. in a effective way
  • How to strengthen time management skills to avoid living on autopilot less stress more calm, do more less time

The Research

Emotional Intelligence (EQ) differentiates top performers beyond EQ and technical abilities. The Harvard Business Review calls it “a key leadership skill,” and the World Economic Forum named Emotional Intelligence as a core work-related skill, which is predicted to “be in higher demand across industries than narrow technical skills.” EQ enables us to understand and navigate our own emotions as well as our relationships.

According to Gallup research, an organization full of employees who believe they belong is an organization full of employees who feel purposeful, inspired and alive. And these employees are more PRODUCTIVE and better PERFORMERS.

A growing body of research tells us that:

  • 77% of employees are NOT fully engaged
  • 79% of employees are NOT motivated to do outstanding work
  • 70% of all organizational change FAILS primarily due to the people side of business

When you take a look at the data behind these numbers, you quickly realize that emotions play a big role in business outcomes. In fact, emotions drive people, and people drive performance. Emotions influence how we respond to change, navigate conflict, and go after our goals.

So how do you get on the other side of these equations to improve performance? Emotional intelligence training holds the key! Have your entire organization Take an EQ Assessment to become more effective in every area of your life and improve performance.

Emotional Intelligence (EQ) is the one thing, the key ingredient, the secret sauce to your overall effectiveness, relationships, well-being, and overall satisfaction. In fact, your EQ impacts every area of your life. Your work. Your family. Your friendships. Your sport. Your influence. Your decisions. Your focus. Your health.

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EQ Assessment

Tabatha is equipped to administer an entire suite of scientifically sound assessments that measure and obtain feedback specific to:

The learnable and measurable skills of emotional intelligence (Emotional Intelligence Assessment)

Brain styles and talents (Brain Brief Assessments)

The Six Seconds Emotional Intelligence Assessment (SEI®) is the complete solution for EQ measurement and development. This suite of well validated, effective tests measure EQ and equip people with a framework for putting emotional intelligence into action. This Best-in-class tool gets to the heart of what drives performance at work & in life. Offers not only insightful feedback, but a framework for growth to put that wisdom into action.

Click below for a sample report and brief description of each assessment in the Brain Style and Talents EQ Suite.

Emotional Intelligence assessments measure key performance factors that drive:!

  • Influence
  • Decision making
  • Effectiveness
  • Relationships
  • Health
  • Quality of life