Tabatha is a Certified Emotional intelligence Practitioner + Leadership Coach, she teaches the measurable, learnable, science-based skills of emotional wellness and stress management practices in the workplace.

Helping Businesses Thrive through training, workshops, team building events, assessment and coaching.

Why Emotional Wellness? The bottom line…Stress & anxiety is at it’s all time high in the workplace impacting people’s performance, decision-making, and relationships in organizations.

Individuals who focus on well-being are experiencing less stress, greater confidence, agility, connection, effectiveness, well-being, stronger relationships and balance.

And, organizations are experiencing world-class levels of engagement, greater agility, higher profits, increased customer retention, greater collaboration, increased innovation, and overall organizational vitality.

Leaders with high emotional wellness achieve success in every area of life. Create more connected and motivated team that leads to better business outcomes, happier employees and more productive teams.

This training is a game-changing tool for your team.  It will make a dramatic difference to improve Employee Performance, Leadership Effectiveness, and Customer Satisfaction.

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Why Emotional Wellness Training

Employee well-being is a key component of company success. When employees do poorly, the company does poorly. When employees thrive, the company thrives.

Emotional Wellness training is the key to improve overall wellness in business and in life. It is essential in the global workplace, organizations that survive and thrive must keep up with the pace of change. Stress, employee disengagement, and turnover cost organizations hundreds of billions of dollars each year.

In today’s rapidly changing world, organizations need to develop leadership competencies that enable their leaders to proactively respond rather than react and demonstrate the empathy and care for their people that is more essential than ever.

In order to build a workforce that is resilient at all levels, organizations need to invest in emotional intelligence skills like collaboration, decision-making, conflict management, stress management and motivation. This will ensure the organization has the trust, communication, and engagement that will allow people to perform at their best, in any circumstance.

Creating a EQ culture of purpose and engagement to improve Employee Performance, Leadership Effectiveness, and Customer Satisfaction is now a top priority for organizations to attract, hire, and retain talent. 

Leaders who invest in Emotional Wellness Professional Development for themselves and their organizations develop the following critical skills that drive business results that transform your life, career and business.

  • Career Progress
  • Stress & Anxiety
  • Ability To Achieve Goals
  • Relationship 

Professional Development Leadership Training  Solution Based Topics:

  • Assessments for hiring process
  • EQ Assessments (Recommended 1st training for teams/groups)
  • Burnout
  • Stress Management
  • Anxiety Management
  • Meditation/Mindfulness
  • Time management
  • Professional and Personal Growth
  • Leading change
  • Engagement/Interpersonal Relationships
  • Innovation
  • Leadership development
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Motivation
  • Team building
  • Sales

The Research

Emotional Intelligence (EQ) differentiates top performers beyond EQ and technical abilities. The Harvard Business Review calls it “a key leadership skill,” and the World Economic Forum named Emotional Intelligence as a core work-related skill, which is predicted to “be in higher demand across industries than narrow technical skills.” EQ enables us to understand and navigate our own emotions as well as our relationships.

What does prioritized emotional well-being look like within a company?


increase in productivity


increase in sales


higher profitability


lower absenteeism


lower turnover

 *data pulled from Gallup.

Don’t’ know where to start?

Schedule a Emotional Wellness training, have your entire organization take an EQ Assessment to become more effective in every area of your life and improve performance.

EQ Assessment

Tabatha is equipped to administer an entire suite of scientifically sound assessments that measure and obtain feedback specific to:

The learnable and measurable skills of emotional intelligence (Emotional Intelligence Assessment)

Click here for pricing and sample of assessments organization takes to learn mor about EQ

Emotional Intelligence Assessment (SEI®) is the complete solution for EQ measurement and development. This suite of well validated, effective tests measure EQ and equip people with a framework for putting emotional intelligence into action. This Best-in-class tool gets to the heart of what drives performance at work & in life. Offers not only insightful feedback, but a framework for growth to put that wisdom into action.

Click below for a sample report and brief description of each assessment in the Brain Style and Talents EQ Suite.

Emotional Intelligence assessments measure key performance factors that drive:!

  • Influence
  • Decision making
  • Effectiveness
  • Relationships
  • Health
  • Quality of life

What people are saying: 

Emotions are not my strong suit. Taking this class helps me better understand myself and how I can be better.
-Nolan 8th grade Teacher 

The stress Management training was helpful to identify feelings and the importance of getting to the root cause of our emotional triggers. I liked the 10 coping tools covered in the training to use to help with stress/anxiety management.

It was interesting to learn how vital EQ is to our mental health, relationships, wellbeing and overall quality of life. I enjoyed learning about my high and low EQ talents and the action steps provided in the training on how to use more of my high talents to grow in the lower areas. As well as use my stronger talents to help me work through stress and anxiety.

It was great for my team to learn about their brain talents, more about themselves, how they are the same and different from each other. This training helped my team collaborate, connect and problem solve ways to develop a plan of action to thrive during these tough times. Interactive activities helped create effective strategies to handle the changes and stress of the pandemic in the workplace.