Emotional Wellness Mastery

What Is Thrive In EQ Mastermind

Your goals seem farther away than ever. You may be yelling at home and not proud of how you show up impacting your confidence.

You’re exhausted feeling burnout and running on fumes just trying to keep it all from falling apart. But an intuition voice is speaking to you at you: “Maybe it doesn’t have to be this way.” Life does not have to feel stressful and anxious. There is a different way to live.

Deep inside, you feel a longing for MORE. More true authentic relationships. More energy in your day. More joy in your parenting.

You know it’s possible because you’ve seen other people living incredibly fulfilling lives and putting their well being on their to do list (mentally, spiritually, emotionally, physically)

So… Why not you? Why not now?

You have the power to master your mindset, be in control of your emotions instead of it controlling you, gain confidence to show up as you desire to in the world. And the best part is you don’t have to be alone in the journey!

The Emotional Wellness Mastermind community Thrive in EQ is surrounded with amazing people to help you navigate through challenges with action steps daily to meet individual goals and rise through adversity together…Because we are not meant to do parenting, business or life alone…

Together is better!

Members gather to connect, learn, share wins, struggles, knowledge and experience. Group lessons, e-Books, support, and accountability to help each other THRIVE to be successful despite living in a stressful world.

Are You Ready To Transform Your Life? This Program Is For You If:

 THRIVE in EQ Mastery Program

To find more peace and calm, bring in more happiness and connection,take powerful, targeted action towards your goals

Strengthen your emotional intelligence to live, work, and parent from a place you are proud of

Escape living in fight, freeze flight stress response mode

Break generation patterns that are holding you back in you and your family from health, healing, and happiness

All this is available to you. Up for the challenge? join the program so you are NOT alone on this parent, business or life  journey.

This Program Includes:

  • 2 Group Workshops Monthly to be surrounded by like minded moms, to connect, share wins and struggles, in your journey and get the most updated tools to reduce stress, relieve anxiety and release self doubt to create the life you want.
  • One to One Coaching with me to dive deep on any areas in program you need support in, want to grow in
  • Private face book page
  • Voxer support
  • Access to Emotional Wellness Mastery Course with 6 module content all research based backed up by science to live in Emotional Freedom in business, parenting, and in life.
  • Guest Speakers along the way

I am passionate about supporting you and joining your tribe.

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Mastermind Topics Are Broken Down Into 5 Topics

Module 1: Emotional intelligence Mastery

Skills to ROCK the “F” word…Feelings to have a better relationship with

ALL emotions. Even the unpleasant ones (shame, guilt, fear, failure, anger etc.) Facing them head on with self compassion and no judgement to show up with confidence as you desire to in the world.

Discovering tools to avoid getting hijacked (fight, freeze, flight) when stressed to live in Emotional Freedom in Business, Parenting Or In Life

Module 2: Self Awareness Mastery

Discovering your strengths, areas to grow in, Values, Purpose & Meaning in life. How to align your behavior to your values…even in times of stress.

Integrating Mindfulness, Meditation, and journaling practices daily in your life so you can feel in harmony of your mind, body and heart.

Module 3: Executive Functioning Mastery

Transformation habits to master your mind, overcome limiting beliefs, negative thoughts, and your “inner bully” critic. Learning Harmony Time Management to integrate daily in your life to help manage your time and energy.

This includes getting organized in meal prepping (eating the way you want to feel), and managing your emotional triggers to get in control of your life.

Module 4: Building Stronger Relationships

Discovering how to have a better relationship with yourself. Overcome your past failures, inner child healing, etc. with strength and courage.

Discovering your love and fight language as well as your loved ones. Ways to feel socially connected, supported in community, with your spouse, kids, partner, network groups etc. to build and maintain healthy fulfilling relationships

Module 5: Building Confident Kids With (EQ)

Helping parents, caregivers, aunts, uncles, etc. anyone who support kids/teens. Tools to parent differently than their parents (cycle breakers) to help kids THRIVE in 21st century world. Connect with their authentic self, understand their emotional world and their childs on a deeper level, reduce stress, bring more ease, calm and joy into their lives by yelling less, and practicing the research based tools to parent with EQ.


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