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EQ Personal Development For Kids!

Tabatha is a Emotional Health + Leadership Coach, mental health advocate, Educator and specializes in speech therapy.

Her passion is helping people of ALL ages have a better relationship with their emotions, so they can stress less, and experience MORE happiness.

She is the founder of THRIVE In EQ and Empowerment program, to help Organizations, Adults, Children & Teens with the epidemic stress in today’s society living on auto pilot go go go…People are stretched so thin FEELING depleted, overwhelmed, drained and exhausted. Anxiety and stress is at it’s all time high impacting people’s relationships, effectiveness, physical and emotional health.

She is passionate about helping people live a different way by increasing their EQ Through her parent workshops, programs, trainings, coaching, EQ assessments and afterschool Clubs.

Her Afterschool and online program for kids helps strengthen their social-emotional learning skills so they can transform stress into resilience, develop a positive/growth mindset and build confidence to be their best selves, so they can FEEL happier in life.

Her profession experience working in schools providing Speech Therapy, a Certified EQ Practitioner by Six Seconds, the EQ Network, a mom of 4, have given an additional edge to her coaching approach, Professional Development Workshops and Group Programs she facilitates.

Group Program Details

Personal Development For Kids! Groups Offered To Kids At School/Homeschools (Clubs, Advisory, Lunch Bunch, After School, Summer Months, Online etc.) 

What are the essential skills children need to succeed in life? Academics are essential, but their are key social-emotional skill children need as well.

Emotional health is just as important to practice as physical health! Why? Because Anxiety and depression is on the rise.. Kids don’t FEEL they have the tools to manage their emotions or conflicts constructively. It is impacting them socially, emotionally, and academically. It is why I created Programs to help kids practice Emotional intelligence through Social-emotional learning.

According to the CDC:

  • 13% of children between 8-15 years-old have been diagnosed with a mental disorder. 2% of school-aged children and 8% of teens are depressed. 8% of children have a diagnosed anxiety disorder.
  • 21% of teens in the United States reported being bullied on school property 10.4% of teens reported being hurt by someone they were dating 17% of students had seriously considered suicide (CDC, 2013 Youth Risk Factors)

Social And Emotional learning (SEL) is the process through which children and adults acquire and effectively apply the knowledge, attitudes, and skills necessary to understand and manage emotions, set and achieve positive goals, feel and show empathy for others, establish and maintain positive relationships, and make responsible decisions. (CASEL, 2005). Principals Of  Emotional Intelligence!

When kids develop their EQ, they have increased academic achievement, better emotional well-being, stronger relationships and improved quality of live. EQ can be strengthened with practice and coaching! Thats Where My Services Come In!

My goal is to EMPOWER kids to feel armed with the tools and knowledge towards feeling confident and emotionally intelligent to handle life challenges.

Programs To Teach skills to ROCK all the FEELINGS to be our best selves to improve:

  • Self-regulation skills, reduce stress and/or cope with stress, and anxiety in constructive ways.
  • Learn the 8 Basic Emotions, what they are, how we feel them, where we feel them, how to navigate them
  • Practice emotional well-being to kick negative self talk to the curve by shifting thoughts and developing a growth and resilient mindset
  • Improve social skills, build confidence to have stronger connections and friendships with others
  • Handle conflicts in productive ways to avoid isolation and loneliness
  • Strategies to move forward being your best selves after making mistakes, overcoming limiting beliefs, failure, disappointments, heart breaks etc.
  • Skills to strengthen executive functioning to set and achieve goals, manage time better for time management and self-management goals
  • Mindfulness, how to be in the present using all 5 senses. EFT how to tap on points on your body to relieve stress

Kids, Tweens, Teens, learn 21st century skills to understand themselves and others to better navigate in the complex modern world we live in today. That’s Where My Services Come In!

Programs/Coaching is Educational not intended to replace medical advice.

What happens when kids enroll In one of the 3 Programs:

  • They Have Higher Self-Esteem & Confidence
  • They Are More Resilient
  • They Love Learning, Growing And Taking Action To Get Better
  • They Are Not Afraid To Fail
  • They Take On New Challenges

Kids learn to take charge of their own well-being (mind, body & heart) in order to be their own personal coach NOW through adulthood for positive change and to live a happier life.

How? In a very fun, interactive & engaging safe place with similar aged peers!

Approach to working with kids & teens: Programs are designed for kids to practice emotional well-being and increase EQ. Children learn to transform stress, anxiety, social worry into Resilence and Confidence How to use emotions smarter, so that emotions help, rather than hinder, our success and well-being.

Coaching is strength-focused, evidence-based strategies to improve 21st Century skills of Social-emotional learning. Core essentials to THRIVE in School & in Life, readiness for college and career. 

Programs/Coaching is Educational not intended to replace medical advice.

3 Programs To Choose From (Thrive In EQ, Empowerment Group, or One-On-One Coaching) Join Today!

1.Thrive In EQ Clubs

Kids learn to practice Emotional intelligence through strengthening their social-emotional skills in groups with similiar aged peers. Armed with the tools and knowledge towards feeling empowered, confident, resilient, emotionally intelligent and compassionate kind humans while having alot of fun with their peers. 

One day club workhop (1hr- 4 hr. session or one hour for 6 sessions.) Location at Schools, Homeschools, Retreats, Rec Centers, Aftserschool clubs etc.

2. Empowerment Group

 ONLINE (Via Zoom) Program for Kids, Tweens & Teens learning and practicing skills of emotional intelligence to strengthen their Social-emotional wellbeing.

Skills proven to improve mental health, academics & relationships!

Specifically to the needs of the child. Most common topics: 

  • Growth mindset/ Positive self-talk
  • Self-compassion/Empathy/Perspective
  • Managing emotions better/transforming stress and anger into resilience
  • Executive functioning/Prioritizing and executing task
  • Work through discomforts anxiety/social anxiety/negative thoughts/fear/making mistakes
  • Relationships/Friendships/Social Connection
  • Confidence skills/Social skills

3. Parent Support

Most common Parent Support Topics:

  • How to get your kids to listen without yelling
  • How to help my child manage and express emotions better
  • How to understand my child’s emotional world (behavior)
  • Stress less and work through discomforts of anxiety, worry and fear
  • Create a family success plan to manage emotional fires and emotional roll coasters with ease
  • Creating a self care plan as a parent to put thelmselves first on their to do list for once without the  guilt or fear…It’s possible I promise and the solution to your emotional health! Ill show you how
  • Harmony Time manangement to be the boss of your time in ALL harmony levels of life…Do more in less time!