Hello Mamas,

Is it just me or is 2020 like we are in a scary movie and can’t wake up.

Look at this pic and tell me which stage are you in? I would love to hear from you.

I am feeling more overwhelmed these days and my emotions are heavy.

Why…Here’s to name just a few:

👉The increased CPS and suicide rates are going up. My daughter is a social worker and working so hard to help the kids but it is not easy. Learning to do a lot of inner work to stay strong to help those kids.

👉The human trafficking happening in our own back yards is scary and I am just learning about how serious it is. Sexual and physical abuse is rising in homes…ALL this breaks my heart and feels very heavy.

👉 The clients in my parent support program are struggling mentally and emotionally. Trying to balance working from home, helping their kids with online school, and some suffering from unemployment and financial problems. Also, with the hard decision to keep or send their kids back to school. Hearing their stories and pain has taken a impact on me.

👉I am back to work in person 2 days a week doing Speech Therapy in schools.  I had to hire a baby sitter to watch my 9 year old because our school is still closed. I have to wear a mask, I can’t see my students mouth or read their body language and my job is to help them communicate better. Most of them have sensory issues, so they are very uncomfortable and it is showing up in their bhavior. I know wearing a clear mask is a solution, but families I work with can’t afford those masks.  We are making the best of it and working hard to have a positive mindset.

The list goes on and on…

Through journaling and creating space daily to work through my emotions, the good and the unpleasant ones. I work hard to focus on what I am grateful for, what I can control and most of all how I can influence others in time of need.

Sitting with these emotions is not easy, It requires hard work, feelings things thats uncomfortable, but it helps me NOT get stuck when my emotions are heavy so I can show up with confidence as a mom, business owner, educator, and wife I desire to be.

As a Emotional Health Coach I am passionate about helping people of ALL ages stress better so they can FEEL happier and enjoy quality of life more.

It is why I feel it is so needed to get together and support each other right NOW.

I am hosting a FREE  workshop for women to come together and share their struggles, in a safe and nonjudgement place. I will cover 3 effective strategies to help THRIVE in this unique time so we can have the energy and focus to take care of ourselves and our families they way we desire to.

No matter what circumstance you are experiencing right now, I guarantee you will learn an action step you can use right away to help you with any overwhelm or stress situation you are in.

👉Please join me Wednesday September 16th at 10:00 AZ time (MST) to learn 3 ways to reduce overwhelm & stress to feel MORE happy! Say whatt…It’s possible I promise!

To Sign up Click Below 👇 or reply to this email. If you know anyone that will benefit from this workshop please share. I will send you Zoom invite once you sign up.



Together is better,

Tabatha Marden

Tabatha Marden