In my THRIVE in EQ groups I teach kids how to practice emotional health, skills needed NOW through adulthood such as (ie; transform anxiety into resilence, building confidence, social skills, growth mindset, overcoming fear and failure, empathy etc.) I use alot of the resources from six seconds, the emotional intelligence network where I got my EQ Practicioner certification.

They provide all evidence based resources backed up by research. They offer Free Pop up Social emotional learning (SEL) resources that are focused around fun, engaging interactive activities that teach children (and adults!) about emotions and wellbeing.

I have hosted several pop-ups and all you need to do is gather the materials, your kids, a table and boom it’s a Pop-Up party. SEL is needed more than ever for kids to practice and apply during these world changes and navigate through COVID-19. 

check out these resources.

Resouce Packet from Big Life Journal…Great things to do inside to keep kids active and suggestions to do with siblings.

Stay-At-Home Care Package by Big Life Journal

Tap into homeschool resources for kids home from school: 

  • BrainPop,
  • Khan Academy, US math curriculum for ages 2-18 yrs with video tutorials \.
  • Crash Course videosKurzgesagt,
  • TED-ED,
  • Kids Discover Online,
  • Duolingo.
  • PBSlearningmedia – For preschoolers and Kindergarteners
  • Sumdog – Ages 5-14 . This math and spelling website is in a game format which works to motivate kids. Students are tested on math facts, word problems and spelling. During the pandemic school closures, all their programs are free.
  • DreamBox – a lot of schools recommend this website and many schools buy a subscription and then give each student a log-in. Until April 30th, 2020, they have a free 90 day trial.
  • Dragon Box apps  (+5) for younger students ages 8 and up and (+12) for middle and high-school students.
  • Jump Math workbooks  This is a good resource to have throughout the year as well, to pre-teach math concepts or reinforce concepts.  For students who are highly proficient in math, I would not recommend Jump Math, I would use the Khan Academy on-line courses.

Here are a few online learning resources:

Entire list of education companies offerings free Subscriptions due to school closures click here 

Scholastic is offering free online courses so your kids can keep learning while schools are closed click here 

100 activities to do at home during School closures entertain kids on a dime click here 

Resouces from Speechbubble for speech and language skills:

Vooks – This is a site that has animated story books but also has free coordinating lesson plans for the stories too. Parents can listen to the stories with their kids and then go through the lesson without every having to print. There is truly no goal you can’t target with a book in my opinion so this site is a great resource for families. This is a paid site but does have a one month free trial that parents can take advantage of.

Epic – This site has lots of stories in digital forms as well, but they are not animated like you would find in Vooks. They do have lots of options including non-fiction and even videos. They even have some Spanish books too!

StorylineOnline – This is another animated book site but the books are read by celebrities ( some the kids would know, some they wouldn’t )! They also have accompanying plans and ideas for parents and teachers.

New2You – This a fantastic source for families and they have just opened an option for families and teachers in e-learning situations. They take current events and make them ‘kid friendly’ with supported visuals for the articles and activities. There are comprehension questions, supplemental worksheets, links to videos, a joke of the day.

There are tons of free websites such as:…

Free Museum Tours:

There are so many wonderful resources. Good luck with stay at home schooling.


Tabatha Marden

Tabatha Marden