Remote learning has had its high and lows in my house. There has been frustrations, and bright spots. I’m going with the flow as best as possible, practicing my own coping strategies to homeschool without the power struggles, and work from home and help with studies, and take care of myself so I can have energy and not lose it on my kids.

It hasn’t been easy, how about you? I would love to hear from you how you are really feeling?

How Common Are Stress & Anxiety?

  • 35% of people globally & 55% of Americans are stressed (Gallup 2019) and this has increased 14% during the pandemic (Gallup)
  • Stress cases US businesses $300 billion annually (
  • 31% of people will experience an anxiety disorder in their lives (Anxiety and Depression Association of America, 2020)

👉Unfortunately, in 2020, more than three-quarters of adults in the APA stress research report physical or emotional symptoms of stress, and stress appears to have increased even more dramatically with CV19.

Key Contributors to Stress and Anxiety

  • Dysfunctional workplaces
  • Uncertain future including climate change
  • Lack of sleep & exercise
  • Loneliness / social isolation & disconnection from nature
  • Lack of meaning & purpose

Anxiety and Stress can make you feel like a big wave out of nowhere attacked you and you are drowning in it.  For many of us, Anxiety has always been with us, like a shadow at our back, jumping out to scare us and block our way in life.

❤️Raising kids with anxiety can be very exhausting to parents. The most recent research suggests that at least 40% of teens are struggling seriously with anxiety and depression.

👉Kids need to feel safe, it is what allows them to feel calm, what leads to the development of resilience and emotional self-regulation. However, it is very hard as a parent to not feel the stress, get swept up in our children’s emotional storm and exhaust themselves by trying to keep them away from pain or take it away. Unfortunately, this is what feeds anxiety and makes it increase in our kids.

👉The energy and time parents dealing with stress, leaves little time and energy to take care of their emotional health. Only to find themselves yelling and fighting more with their kids…and all the mom guilt and shame that comes afterwards.

👉What if I told you their was a different way to live and help your kids with stress & anxiety without feeling the exhaustion?

👉Self-care is critical, and I don’t mean just do yoga, breathing techniques…although these are great but their are other simple and effective “inner work” of getting proactive in preparing to manage our moods and behavior to have the energy it takes and needed to take care of our loved ones. I’m excited to share these strategies with you Wednesday September 16th. WHY…Because

👉Anxiety is on the rise, affecting millions of people in brutal ways, including anxiety disorders and related mental illnesses. Sadly, research shows that those most . are teens & young adults who are experiencing historic levels of anxiety (this new study from the American Psychological Association found the most afflicted are 18-26 years old).

So what can be do? One step is to learn more about Emotional Intelligence and change how we think and deal with stress and anxiety.

👉I am so passionate about this topic I’m hosting a FREE online workshop on 3 ways to reduce Overwhelm & Stress to feel happier. Wednesday September 16th @ 10:00 PST (AZ. time)

👉I’m this workshop you will learn how to take control of your stress & anxiety

👉My Harmony Time Management Process to help you eliminate stress and out YOU at the top of your to do list

👉Stress management tools revealing how a busy mom makes time for working out, taking care of her emotional health, not allowing negative thoughts (Inner bully, inner critic) sabotage her happiness, and self-care (without the overwhelm and guilt, losing her mind)

👉Having the energy to be the captain of the ship in times of our children’s BIG emotions, caring for them, but not getting swept up in them

👉You will leave the workshop with powerful action steps to feel more in control & empowered, and ready to make YOU a priority again without feeling so stressed and overwhelmed so YOU can take care of your loved ones and show up as the women you desire to be. 

👉To Join REGISTER HERE NOW…. CLICK HERE I will send you the zoom link after enrolling




I can’t wait to help you put yourself on the top of your to do list, feel less stressed and MORE happy in parenting, as a wife, coworker, leader, etc.



Tabatha Marden



Tabatha Marden