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Close your eye and visualize your son/daughter leaving to college or moving away from home and ask yourself what are the dreams and skills I wish for them to have?
✨Most likely your first thoughts are not about grades, popularity or being a athlete
✨The 4 most common skills parents share with me and as a mom of 4 I resonate with
✅Happiness: To feel happy in their own body and mind and do the inner work needed daily to be healthy in mind/body even when life feels hard as that is key to improved mental health
✅Confidence to know their worth & strengths to engage in them and not allow anyone to dim their light
✅Emotional intelligence: Name your emotions, feel them (don’t push them away), learn your own triggers, learn to express & manage them in healthy ways so you can take care of your own mental health
✅Mindset: To kick negative self talk/limiting beliefs to the curve so they don’t have power over you, sabotage your joy & how you show up in the world
✅Relationships: To not feel alone and have strong true relationships including with yourself, because we are not meant to do life alone and having a relationship with yourself leads to better mental wellness.
👉These skills takes practice and most adults struggle with
The research of what improves mental health, confidence, academics and behavior is Social Emotional Learning & Emotional intelligence. This is the root of my Emotional Wellness Mastery Program and I am going to share with you 3 things kids need to know right now to start doing to build EQ Muscles!
The 3 Main ways to help our kids with Confidence & Mental Wellness

1.  Negative Thoughts & how to shift them

Negative Thoughts
✨ Listening to our kids have these thoughts is heartbreaking. We all have negative thoughts, when they hit they are so so so hard to get rid of and shows up in our behavior (yelling, isolation, depression, anxiousness, sadness, etc.)
✨They feel real and who we are. For kids, this can really make them feel they are drowning in the waves and can’t get up to breath.
✨When kids learn the science behind why we have these thoughts, and the tools to shift these thoughts, they go from feeling like drowning in the waves to riding the waves with confidence
✨It starts by teaching them emotional intelligence (how to be smarter with their feelings & thoughts) why we have emotions, how they help us survive and thrive in life
✨When kids learn the skills to strengthen their EQ, it’s then they build confidence to shift these thoughts and ride the waves of emotions so these negative thoughts to have power over them.
Teaching kids to talk to themselves as they would a friend or a loved one. Writing down their negative thoughts with pen to paper is powerful. They can then see and ask themselves ‘Is this True?” “What is the evidence?”
2. Help Them Discover Their Strengths & Talents
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The first thing I coach in my program is helping people discover their true talents and strengths
✨Through a EQ assessment or VIA character strength test
✨Why? Because one of the hardest thing as parent is witnessing our kids get lost in their thoughts and feelings and losing sight who they are, and base their identity only on their achievements
✨The truth is thoughts and feelings come and go they’re temporary
✨Who they are is much more IMPORTANT than any experience, thought or feeling, or achievements
✨When I ask kids to complete sentence “Who am I___________”
✨They finish it as a soccer player, math wiz, band player, or artist etc.”
✨They struggle to identify who the inner “me” is. Discovering your strengths is a more permanent part who you are (ie; loving, kind, leader, resilient, self-regulated etc.)
✨Once kids discover their true strengths, it’s then they build confidence to put them to use and uncover their purpose in life
✅What are your kids strengths?
✅Do they struggle with discovering their strengths?
✅What are your parent strengths?

3.The Brain when stressed

Emotionally Hijacked (Fight, Flight, Freeze) response pic

Teaching kids a bit about brain science is so important. Learning how the brain works, what triggers them to get hijacked in one of the 3 F’s (Fight, Freeze, flight) is all part of being human. We will all be in one of the 3 F’s regardless how Zen and calm you are, the trick is to learn how to avoid getting hijacked and being struck there so you can show up as you desire to be in the world.
Self-Awareness and learning to have a different relationship with stress when life gets hard with friends, sports, grades, in life etc. is key to have stress but not get hijacked in the 3:F’s


When kids learn about the brain they gain clarity to why we feel and think they way we do, it’s then they feel confident to use the skills to work through the discomfort of these feelings

These are just one of the skills I teach kids in my Emotional Wellness Mastery Program.
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✨I have 4 spots left in my Empowerment In person workshop for kids & teens that starts next Wednesday In Person. I also teach these skills online
✨I teach these skills in a fun interactive way
✨Investing in your kids personal development at a young age is one of the best investments you can make as it improves their mental wellness, confidence and helps them learn the essential skills needed to THRIVE in life NOW through adulthood
✅Registration closes tomorrow
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