What if mindset

Do you get trapped with what-iffing thoughts?

As a kid, we were able to be present and interested in what was happening in that very moment, If there was a storm, or a sunset, or a rabbit, in your yard, you watched it

Your mind was here and now, you were not thinking of what happened yesterday or tomorrow

46% of our time is spent on thoughts of the past or future. This is one of the reasons anxiety is at it’s all time high and why I wanted to share a powerful technique with you to help calm the anxious mind.

When I was struggling with my anxiety, It impacted my mental health and how I showed up at work and in parenting.

My mind goes into what-iffing, makes it very difficult to be in the moment to enjoy life, spending quality time with loved, the mindset needed to work on achieving and accomplishing goals, living in our why and purpose.

senses pic

I learned and practiced daily the “Grounding Technique” An effective way to help being in the present using our 5 senses (touch, taste, sight, hearing, smell.) To gain control of your body when overwhelm and anxiety tries to take over!

Doesn’t matter what order you do it, your getting your brain to come back into the moment so it can calm down and start to feel at ease again.

I hosted a workshop for Andy Ptachek, a cancer survivor, author of New Again, and her girls in New Girls Group and introduced the power of “The Grounding Technique.”  

Read her blog to learn how she uses the Grounding Technique to be present with her kids, at work and in life, it’s a great one: Click Here 

The Action Reflection Questions in her blog is a powerful way to reflect and practice staying in the present moment.

  1. Notice where most of your thoughts live… are they in the past or the future?
  2. Bring yourself to the present through action. Instead of thinking about something, fully experience life through action by doing any of the ideas listed above or creating your own healing experience.

Please let me know if you struggle with getting in control of your what-iffing thoughts and being in the present, I’m here to support you,



Tabatha Marden