Due to the uncertainity of when will this pandemic end, the protests, violence, when school will resume, clubs, events nfor kids, not wearing mask etc. causes alot of BIG emotions for parents and children

Feelings of:

  • Stressed
  • Bored
  • Frustrated
  • Isolated…on house arrest or lockdown

List goes on and on….

The truth is loneliness, anxiety and depression were on the rise before the pandemic…so more importantly we need to focus on how do we support our children’s social-emotional wellbeing during these challenging times?

Research and experience show strengthening their social-emotional learning helps improve children’s mental health.

Uncertainity can also be a fuel of learning and growing. When we are pushed to change, we can resist, we can also break out of old patterns and establish new ones, and have clarity on what we can control and what really matters.

This will involve hard conversations with our kids, teaching them how to identify and express their emotions. It’s only then we can truly help them with self-regulating and coping skills to help them with their BIG emotions in times of uncertainity, tantrums, anxiety, meltdowns, anger etc.

Mama’s, we are not meant to this parent thing alone, we all have the same goal and that is wanting our kids to feel confident and be emotionally healthy.

Join me in my FREE workshop Wednesday, June 24th, at 10:00 MST to come together and support each other in what we can control and that is supporting our kids to THRIVE for a better future through emotional intelligence during these tough times.


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Together is better,

Tabatha Marden


































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































t’s been hard to put into words all the different emotions and thoughts I’ve been having recently. Truthfully, I’ve been overwhelmed and emotionally exhausted.

How we do we support our children social-emotional wellbeing during this stressful time?

Learning about what we can contro and having hard conversations with our kids how we can practice emotional health and with different coping skills to calm the storm so we dont’t lose it

Mamas, we are not meant to do this parent thing alone, lets support eachother how we can make sure our kids express and manage their emotions in healthy ways to  get this pandermic.


Tabatha Marden