Hi There! My name is Tabatha Marden, I work with parents, professionals, youth, adults and families.

I guide teens and young adults on specific skills needed to transition from high school to adulthood. Helping explore job opportunities they are passionate about that are realistic for the lifestyle they want to live. Work together on goals and and important skills needed to navigate to adulthood independently and work in a career they love.

My mission is to help youth, teens and young adults communicate better to connect with others, improve self determined- advocate skills, be successful within their living, working, and social environments.

My passion is sharing ideas and creating products to give people the tools they need to succeed in their career, school, relationships, community and in adulthood.


I work in charter schools all across the valley in Arizona. Earned my bachelor’s degree in Speech and Language Pathology from NAU.

I wear many hats working in the Education field, I am a school-based Speech and language Technician, Transition Career Specialist, Social Skills Coach and a Hearing and Vision screener.

I  also provide private coaching working with parents, youth, adults and families on Social Skills, Transition Career Skills and Independent Living Skills/Executive Function Skills. I love the different roles my career and coaching offers, it’s why I love my job and going to work every day.

I’m a mom of 4, married over twenty years, my hobbies are running, CrossFit and spending time with my family.

I strongly believe with hard work and focus, given the right opportunities, success can be at work, at school, in communities and in relationships. I want people to have the tools needed to be successful in life. This is why I have created my own materials/training to share my ideas with parents, professionals and fellow Speech peeps.

How am I sharing my materials?

  • E-Learning webinars
  • TpT store (no prep/low prep activities)
  • Transition Career Survival Toolkit
  •  Social Skills Survival Toolkit
  • Independent Living Survival Tool Kit
  • Executive Function Survival Tool Kit
  •  Blogging
  • eBooks
  • Facebook, Intagram and Pinterest