As the world nationally recognizes today Stress Awareness Day

As a Emotional Wellness Coach, I practice emotional wellness daily, and created a Emotional Wellness Mastery Program called Thrive In EQ to guide my clients to put Emotional Wellness on their to do list daily as priority every day!

Why? Just as physical health is a daily practice so is Emotional Health. It is Health!

Since the pandemic anxiety and depression has doubled in adults and in kids/teens, Frustrations and constantly having anxieties lead to burnout and can have undesiring effects on our overall health.

Impacting people’s relationships, energy, focus, mental health etc.  

According to only 43% employees feel their Organization cares about their emotional well being in the workplace
1-3 kids are diagnosed with anxiety disorder by age 18, starting at age 6 years old. The 3rd leading cause of death is suicide.

Lets change the statistics by practicing Emotional Wellness Daily. Here’s some tips how.

May be an image of text that says 'Schedule a Emotional Wellness Leadership Training Today 1 83% of U.S. workers suffer from work related stress 2 Excessive work stress causes 120,000 deaths 3 190 billion health care cost a year 4 Stress causes around 1 million workers to miss work every day 6 Depression leads to 51 billion cost due to absenteeism Only 43% think their employees care about their mental emotional wellness 7 Stress and burnout rates are at it's high and increasing Slide PARATHAHAREN'



May be an image of 1 person and text that says 'The Effects Of Burnout Employees who say they very often or always experience burnout at work are: 63% more likely to take a sick day Half as likely to discuss how to approach performance goals with their manager 23% more likely to visit the emergency room. 2.6 times as likely to leave their current employer 13% less confident in their performance -Gallup Schedule A Stress Management LeaershpTrainin Today'





Tip #1. Discover Your Emotional Triggers:

Are you aware of your emotional triggers? We all have them.

✨An emotional trigger is anything, including memories, experience, or events that sparks an intense emotional reaction, regardless of your current mood.

✨To get to the root, Identify when you feel your body tense up and prepare to (flight, fight, freeze.)

✨Then with self-compassion and no judgment get curious about it And explore more

✅The goal is not to avoid, face them head on, do the hard inner work to get through the discomfort of them, so these triggers don’t take over your life.

💪👊Here are some coping tools to have at the ready to help go from stress` to more calm, reset the nervous system, and feel more at ease!

▶️What can I add on the list? Share in comments

Tip:2 Journal to reflect and reframe your mindset:

Why do successful people add journaling as priority on their to do list daily as a morning routine?

▶️Because our thoughts create our feelings, our feelings drive our actions and decision making

▶️Fact: Just like your not your mind, your not your thoughts.

▶️Spending less than 15 minutes a day to reframe your self talk can change your overall wellness

❤️It’s a tough vibe right now, all of us have a history of pain, trauma, stress, heartbreak etc.

▶️Whatever it might be it’s important more than ever to reframe your negative inner bully thoughts

▶️Solution to show up with confidence as you desire to be in the world

▶️One of the key ways I help people reframe self talk is by investing in the conscious mind to develop a confident mindset

👉Here’s how:👇

✅Brain dump all the negative noise in your mind onto paper daily (ie; I’m not good enough, I suck at this, You don’t have the intelligence to do this etc.)

✅Ask yourself “Is this true?” “What is the evidence” as if your going to court to prove your case

✅Reframe your self-criticism as you would speak to a loved one and speak to yourself that way

✅Do this daily and see the shift in your mental, emotional wellness, relationships and focus


Tip #3:Increase Your Happy Hormones

Want to boost your happiness and feel less stressed?
Here’s some tips to activate your “Happy Hormones”…Slide pics to view
Which hormone do you want to boost more of right now?
What can I add to the list?



May be an image of text that says 'Tips To Activate Serotonin The "Mood Stabilizer" that improves sleep, reduces anxiety, and increases happiness Get out in nature/get some sunlight 2 Do some cardio/walking/Yoga 3 Practice meditation Do some tapping... Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) @tabathamarden'


May be an image of text that says 'Tips To Activate Endohins The "Pain Killer" Reduces Stress & increases pleasure Excerise 2 Burn essential oils (serenity, peppermint, lavender etc.) Watch something funny (comedy, cat videos, just for laughs, etc.) Eat dark chocolate @tabathamarden'

May be an image of text that says 'Tips Το Activate Oxytocin "Love Hormone" released when we feel connected Pet/Hug your dog or cat 2 Hug a loved one or friend 3 Cook for someone, tell a loved one why you are grateful for them Socializing, physical touch, helping others @tabathamarden'

May be an image of text that says 'Tips Το Activate Dopamine The "Feel Good" neurotransmitter that drives your brain's reward system Listen to upbeat music 2 Get a good night's sleep 7-9 hrs. 3 take action and complete 3 small task on your goals Eating food @tabathamarden'

Tip #4 Reset & Support Your Nervous System



May be an image of 1 person and text that says 'Slide for tips Dysregulation Nervous System impacts our immune system, activates (fight, freeze, flight) stress response Difficult to digest properly, gut issues, weight gain, feel sick, negative thoughts, irritability, swings, lack of energy and focus etc. Ways to Support NS: •Breathing techniques •Get out in nature Exercise Tapping (EFT) Meditation Mindfulness Social Connection Support + Reset Your Nervous System'

These are the tools and strategies I coach in my emotional wellness mastery program called Thrive In EQ

 If you would like to dive deeper on stress Management and Emotional Wellness reply back to this email to schedule a FREE 1:1 discovery call

I strongly believe we are not meant to do life, parenting or business alone, together is better

-Tabatha Marden

Emotional Wellness + Leadership Coach

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Tabatha Marden