Pop-Up Festival unicef World Children’s Day

Pop-Up Festival UNICEF World Children’s Day

I am honored to be a Mentor providing free training via zoom or in person to Schools, Businesses, Families, Parents to host at home, Homeschools, Churches, Gyms, Doctor/Dental Offices Etc. on how to host a free POP-UP Festival.

To celebrate World Children’s Day With UNICEF, allies in over 220+ countries are collaborating to bring more emotional intelligence awareness and resources to children and the adults who support them.

As a Certified EQ Practitioner and mental health advocate, I am passionate about teaching the skills to strengthen kids  social emotional learning proven to help with mental health, social skills, behavior and academics.

Skills Such As: Empathy, expressing and managing emotions in healthier ways, friendship, optimism, goal setting, positive self-talk, confidence & emotional literacy through play-based activities. These activities come in different languages too!

My goal is to create awareness and dialogue about mental health in a fun environment. Through POP-UP Festival, kids learn more about their feelings and develop better strategies to help manage stress and isolation.

EQ is a being smarter with your emotions, so that emotions help rather than hurt your success in relationships, school and in all areas of life.

Practicing EQ is essential to create a more emotionally intelligent world and I want you to join me to be part of it!

Fill out the contact below to schedule a time for FREE training and learn how to use/host your own Pop up Festival! FREE activities will be sent to you to host online or in person with your community and help honor World’s Children Day!

What is World Children’s day?

The United Nations declared Children’s Day to encourage societies to support the wellbeing of children. November 20th is the anniversary of the signing of Convention on the Rights of the Child, the most widely-signed human rights legislation in the history of the world. The purpose of the day, according to the U.N. is:

“Let us promote and celebrate children’s rights on the Universal Children’s Day, and continuously build up a living-friendly environment for children in the world through dialogue and actions.”

It’s also the date of the signing of the Declaration on the Rights of the Child (1959). In part, this Declaration was a response to the atrocities of WWII, and the growing recognition that children require special protection

Why hold a Pop-up Festival?

It’s the most important work there is. If we can raise awareness, inspire hope, and fuel passion for young people to develop the skills for building the future… and adults with the skills to support them… everything is possible. To connect. To grow. To nourish one another in mind and heart as well as in body.

The work for a just and sustainable world is a long marathon. It’s literally been thousands of years in the making. We’re not going to solve these problems today, so while many people work tirelessly against the crashing waves of inhumanity, we are also planting the seeds for tomorrow. Reminding children and families what it means for be fully human. The the real goal isn’t just a cessation of inhumanity, but a flourish of the best in us.

Watch these videos to learn more!


Everyone…Grab your nieces, nephews, friends, children, cousins, grandchildren, neighborhood kiddos and hold a EQ Pop up Festival in your living room, at work, Schools, Church, Gym, Carnivals, Neighborhood, Christmas parties, Communities, DR./Dental Offices etc.

Click Below To Sign Up, you’ll get a free kit with resources, games and decorations for your event through Six Seconds. All you have to do is invite your friends, have a table, kids and some crayone and “POP!” it’s a festival.

My 3 EQ Mini Kits I choose to Host Last Year At  POP EQ Festival Event I Hosted!

Kind or Unkind

Kindness can be deeper than “please” and “thank you.” But it can be confusing sometimes when if actions are mistaken. How can we show kindness? How can we be clear about our intentions to do good for others?

Friendship Medal

At this station, you’ll practice showing appreciation of each other and contribute to others feeling good about themselves.

Emotion Garden

We don’t always appreciate the special people in our lives. Let’s think about one special person and pay attention to the feelings they share with us. We can show them gratitude and tell them how much care.

Go spread the word…

I am offering FREE online Zoom Trainings to help those who would like to host a FREE pop up festival in their community. Fill out Contact info below to schedule. POP-UP Festivals are made to be easy and simple, more fun, and effective, with a team to help.​​​​​ 

  • Include your friends as volunteers! Depending on your group size, you will probably want one adult at each activity station.
  • Start to answer planning questions: Where will I hold my POP-UP Festival? Who will my team be? Which activities will the kids do?
  • Tell me about your POP-UP Festival on POP-UP Facebook page! This is also a great place to ask questions + get resources from your fellow hosts.
  • Share a selfie on Instagram with your POP-UP story, be sure to tag @6secondseq @tabbymarden and use the hashtags: #EQPOPUP #WorldChildrensDay #KidsTakeOver #WorldsLargestLesson #CRC30, and we will share your photo!