Anxiety can be bully in your life trying to control you, hold you back from enjoying quality of life and sabotage your happiness. Not to mention if your raising kids with anxiety feeling more stressed and lonelier at times.

All 4 of my kids have anxiety, most of my students and clients I work with are diagnosed and treated for anxiety…this is why spending time ALONE  is the best relationship you can have with yourself and for your family.

It will give you the time needed to learn and apply stress management tools to get in control of your anxiety, stress & overwhelm instead of it controling your life.

Gaining energy to feel in control of your emotions, a resource to identify your anxiety triggers and stop it before it controls you, and strengthen your abilities to make choices on purpose to make tomorrow better and show up as the women you desire to be!

When parents don’t work on taking care of their emotional health and mindset, he anxiety will grow and their children inevitably do worse as well.

I am excited to dive deeper on this topic in my workshop called 3 ways to reduce stress & overwhelm to feel Happier. How just spending under 20 minutes a day ALONE to work on 3 stress management tools will change your life.

😬Anxiety is high in our home these days…. There’s a lot of it going around and for good reason.

Just to name a few 👇

  • Protest
  • Riots
  • Pandemic
  • Elections
  • Fires
  • School, clubs, sports etc closed
  • Many of clients and students are feeling isolated, alone and unsupported
  • The should I …OR should I not send my kid back to school

😬My 9-year-old, at night, when I put him to bed he’s often like a wiggly worm and takes him a while to settle down. He usually wants to talk and talk and share a bunch of (should I, what if’s) questions with me. Anxiety likes to creep in at night, so sleep anxiety doesn’t mix well.

😬My oldest son, almost 18 years old, the anxiety and anticipation waiting to know if his last year in high school will he get the opportunity to play Lacrosse, the sport he has been playing since 7 years old. Not to mention prom, and all the other special events to look forward to as a Senior.

😬When your kids struggle with anxiety it can sabotage their happiness, impact their behavior and sleep, sometimes even lead to loneliness, depression and suicide. It is growing in kids & adults and has been a problem before Covid-19. It is why I became an Emotional Health Coach.

👉Because of this, moms tend to put all their energy to help their kids cope and put their own emotional and physical health on the back burner.

😬There was a time I did that, until I ended up in the emergency room with kidney stones, running on coffee not drinking enough water to help with (lack of sleep) and anxiety taking over with negative thoughts, self-doubt my (inner bully) and worry thoughts on things I can’t control (anxiety’s bully) verses focusing on what I can control (healthy mindset).

Mama’s do these feelings sound familar?

👉Do you stretch yourself thin?

👉Do you spend all your time and energy helping your child cope with their emotional struggles?

👉Do you find yourself permanetly exhausted?

👉This is why I am hosting a FREE workshop to cover 3 effective strategies to help reduce overwhelm & stress.

👉I will walk you through the steps that are holding you back from living a life of less stress & overwhelm,

👉the triggers that are throwing you into overdrive and the people that are charging you up as well as those that are quickly draining your happiness.

👉Even in times of hectic and crisis, these  3 (stress management) tools I share will change your life and the life of those around you.

👉Start feeling MORE happy, less stressed and empowered to take care of yourself so you can have the energy to support and take care of your children and those you love.

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You dont need to feel lonely in this struggle, together is better


Tabatha Marden


Tabatha Marden