Professional Development Workshops!

Looking for some professional development for your Business, Clinic, School, District, Home School, Groups, Parents, Retreats etc? Feel free to contact me about coming to you to speak!

 EQ focused workshops! Practical strategies and tools that are simple to use right away to create a Emotional Intelligence culture.

Workshops like no other! Each designed to be Fun, Very Engaging, Interactive, Teambuilding, Diversity And Inclusion, Collaborative Learning, Boost team morale, Leadership Coaching, Workplace Wellness Or Stress-Management.

My goal is to equip your team with tools and brain-based strategies to enhance positive change to increase your Emotional intelligence for better effectiveness, relationships, wellbeing and quality of life.

Are You Looking To…

  • Leverage emotional intelligence (EQ) to inspire motivation for your team’s optimal performance?
  • Learn how to manage stress smarter and conflict that often leads to anxiety in your work environment?
  • Learn how to embrace change, and create space for innovation, engagment and creativity in your work envirnoment?
  • Increase the leadership effectivessness, improve relationships, boost team morale, create space to  learn how to improve emotional and physical wellbeing in your wok environment?
  • Essential tools and strategies 21st century high EQ skills to Create a EQ culture of purpose and engagement to improve Employee Performance, Leadership Effectiveness, and Customer Satisfication is now a top priority for organizations to attract, hire, and retain talent.

Social Emotional Learning Workshop

  • Recommendations for SEL implementation. Includes conducting an inventory of current practices; recommendations are based on what your school is already doing/Needs
  • OR Creating a EQ foundation in 3 Key Areas, Complete 3 Step by step SEL/EQ Program to integrate in classroom, requires no extra work for teachers, aligned with CCS.
  • Step 1. EQ Development (All Adminstration, Educators, Parents etc. learn & practice EQ)
  • Step 2. Extend EQ into the classrooms/EQ lessons to integrate in classrooms Learn how to use the most powerful and cost effective interventions to help children develop core social-emotional strengths in 5 core competencies to increase academics and life success)
  • Step 3. Integrate EQ into the School (EQ used for positive classroom communities, EQ models visible in schools (3 Steps to put EQ into action)

Workshop is designed to equip and strengthen EQ for Educators. Effective tips to supercharge learning and reduce Teachers burnout, improved mental health, academic performance and behavior. Resources from the Scientists and Pioneers of SEL.

Most Common School Topics

  • How to implement EQ/SEL Clubs, Peer Mentoring Groups etc.
  • Social Skills, Conversation skills, Bullying, Behavior etc.
  • Strengthen kids Social-Emotional Skills (5 key areas)
  • Brain Breaks, Student Led Activities, Social Groups
  • How to strengthen students Executive Functioning Skills, increase Growth Mindset, Optimism etc.
  • How to help kids with Social & Test Anxiety, Build Resilient Skills, How to manage emotions and stress in productive ways

Parent Workshops (Most Common Topics)

  • 5 Core SEL/EQ essential skills children need to THRIVE at School, at Home & in life
  • Executive Functioning, 3-part series: 1. how to improve time management skills (organization for homework, test and school work) 2. Strategies to eliminate roadblocks that get in way of completing/taking action. 3. How to increase (self-motivation) to improve effectiveness, execute/take action on completing homework etc. without kids crying, stressed or overwhelmed
  • EQ Assessment for parents to better understand EQ and it’s value to parent with EQ
  • Tools to help kids manage emotions and stress smarter, learning ALL about the (8 basic emotions) label, identify and decode emotions properly, and how to build resilence skills in kids
  • How to understand child’s behavior and get to the root cause
  • Readiness skills to prepare for School Success (i;e Behavior, Social & Test Anxiety, Self advocacy skills, Confidence, Bullying etc.)
  • How to help increase Social skills (establish and maintain friendships, talking and listening and understanding Social Rules, perspective taking, body language, etc.)
  • 4 key areas to cultivate wellbeing & confidence
  • How to kick negative self talk to the curve using a Growth Mindset and optimism skills, strategies to overcome mistakes and failures by learning about resilience and perseverance.

EQ Training for Organizations

Helping Businesses Thrive In EQ through training, workshops, team building events, assessment and coaching.

Why EQ? The bottom line…individuals who focus on emotional intelligence are experiencing less stress, greater confidence, improved motivation, agility, connection, effectiveness, well-being, stronger relationships and balance.

And, organizations are experiencing world-class levels of engagement, greater agility, higher profits, increased customer retention, greater collaboration, increased innovation, and overall organizational vitality.

Leaders with high emotional intelligence create more connected and motivated team that leads to better business outcomes, happier employees and more productive teams. Emotional Intelligence holds the key!  

Solution Based Topic Results:

  • Assessments for hiring process & Professional and Personnel growth
  • Interpersonal Relationships
  • Communication and Collaboration
  • Leading change
  • Engagement
  • Innovation
  • Leadership development
  • Professional and personal effectiveness
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Motivation
  • Team building
  • Sales
  • Burnout
  • Stress Management
  • Wellbeing

This training is a game-changing tool for your team.  It will make a dramatic difference to improve Employee Performance, Leadership Effectiveness, and Customer Satisfication. 

Learn More https://tabathamarden.com/business/

EQ Wellness Workshop

Learn the latest Neuroscience emotional intelligence research to take charge of  Your Mind, Body & Heart in a fun and engaging workshop envirnoment. Tools and insights can use right away to help be our best selves to improve your wellbeing as a professional and in your personal life!

Your team will gain effective tools to get anything done, set goals, and take action steps to achieve those goals. Learn how to improve your wellbeing in 4 keys areas of  life to prevent “the crash” and “burnout” to maintain energy and functioning.

Proven strategies by practicing critical skills to increase your wellbeing (Mind, Body & Heart) to live our best life. EQ skills drive the following key Areas in your life:

  • Strengthen 3 areas with a routine Physical Vitality (Healthy & Energized), Mind Clarity (focus & clear) Social Connection (Connected & Supported)
  •  Effectiveness: (Influence and Decision Making) exercise Optimism and generate results
  • Relationships:  (Network & Community) Increase Connections healthy and productive relationships and networks
  • Wellbeing:  (Balance and Health) Physical health and the ability to bring optimal energy and functioning. Engage Intrinsic Motivation and Emotional Awareness
  • Quality of Life:  (Achievement & Satisfaction) Increase Empathy and Gratitude

Options for Speaking/PD

  • Webinars
  • Live Workshops
  • Conferences
  • District Trainings
  • Professional/Personal Development
  • Training and coaching (for example… leadership, teamwork, performance management, stress, communication, people-skills for project management, etc)
  • Selection, talent management
  • Pre/Post assessment and research
  • Retreats
  • Religious Group
  • Academic Groups

Workshops available ranging from one hour to full day workshops.

Contact me about availability and pricing (varies based on length and distance).