Professional Development Workshops!

Looking for some professional development for your Business, Clinic, School, District, Home School, Groups, Retreats etc? Feel free to contact me about coming to you to speak!

 EQ focused workshops! Practical strategies and tools that are simple to use right away to increase Emotional Intelligence to be successful in School, at Work and in Life.

Workshops like no other! Each designed to be fun, very engaging, interactive, teambuilding exercises, Collaborative Learning, boost team morale and support healthy work life balance!

Equip your team to enhance positive change by practicing EQ for better effectiveness, relationships, wellbeing and quality of life. Improved EQ skills leads to better interactions at work, improved relationships, better decisions, and influence more effectively.


  • You will complete an EQ assessment.
  • Learn Effective Ways To Have Higher EQ Skills to eliminate busyness and stress
  • You will be able to identify individual and the organizations’ strengths and opportunities for growth.
  • We will generate a plan and put actions into place to develop an emotionally intelligent culture with built in accountability for growth.
  • You will experience positive change in every area of life. Work environment. Relationships. Family. Focus. Health and well-being. Overall life satisfaction.
  • You will begin to create a culture of Vitality. Physical vitality (Body), Mental Clarity (Mind), Social Connection (Heart)
  • You will learn the power of EQ and how EQ reduces rates of burnout
  • You will increase your EQ to be aware of how to react under pressure Effectiveness (Influence & Decision making) Exercise Optimism
  • You will have high EQ to build and maintain Relationships (Network & Connecting) Increase Connections
  • You will increase your EQ in Wellbeing (Balance & Health) Engage Intrinsic Motivation and Emotional Awareness/Emotional literacy
  • You will improve your Quality of life (Achievement & Satisfication) Increase Empathy and Gratitude

Social Emotional Learning Workshop

Creating a EQ foundation in 3 Key Areas 

  • EQ Development (All People learn & practice EQ)
  • Extend EQ into the classrooms/EQ lessons to integrate in classrooms) (Learn how to use the most powerful and cost effective interventions to help children develop core social-emotional strengths in 5 core competencies to increase academics and life success)
  • Integrate EQ into the School (EQ used for positive classroom communities, EQ models visible in schools (3 Steps to put EQ into action)

Workshop is designed to equip and strengthen EQ for Educators. Effective tips to supercharge learning and reduce Teachers burnout. Creates a powerful shift in the learning environment toward collaboration, inclusion, and humanism, which significantly reduces destructive behavior while also increasing academic performance. Resources from the Scientists and Pioneers of SEL.

2. Wellness Workshop 

Learn the latest Neuroscience emotional intelligence research to take charge of  Your Mind, Body & Heart in a fun and engaging workshop envirnoment. Tools and insights can use right away to help be our best selves to improve your wellbeing as a professional and in your personal life!

Your team will gain effective tools to get anything done, set goals, and take action steps to achieve those goals. Learn how to improve your wellbeing in 4 keys areas of  life to prevent “the crash” and “burnout” to maintain energy and functioning.

Proven strategies by practicing critical skills to increase your wellbeing (Mind, Body & Heart) to live our best life. EQ skills drive the following key Areas in your life:

  • Strengthen 3 areas with a routine Physical Vitality (Healthy & Energized), Mind Clarity (focus & clear) Social Connection (Connected & Supported)
  •  Effectiveness: (Influence and Decision Making) exercise Optimism and generate results
  • Relationships:  (Network & Community) Increase Connections healthy and productive relationships and networks
  • Wellbeing:  (Balance and Health) Physical health and the ability to bring optimal energy and functioning. Engage Intrinsic Motivation and Emotional Awareness
  • Quality of Life:  (Achievement & Satisfaction) Increase Empathy and Gratitude

3. KCG Model

Explore Six Seconds practical and simple 3 step process KCG model proven to help make better decisions, mange your emotions smarter and growth in your daily life.

A deep dive into this model of EQ-in-Action which begins with three important pursuits:

Know Yourself  To become MORE aware (noticing what you do) increase self-awareness.

Choose Yourself  To become MORE intentional (doing what you mean) act intentionally.

 Give Yourself  To Become MORE purposeful (doing it for a reason) actions align with purpose.

Fun, interactive engaging activities how to practice EQ using the KCG model to take emerging science of emotional intelligence and put it into action. The greater your EQ, the greater your personal effectiveness, relationships, health, and overall quality of life.

4. Discover Your EQ Brain Style 

Workshop designed to boost team morale and create a engaging PD team building event. Each member takes a EQ assessment to help develop and apply EQ professionally and personally. Your team will learn to recognize differences among them, how to use their own talents, and how to use others’ talents.

The Assessment provides a clear and practical report to learn how they’re currently using emotional intelligence to get data, make decisions, and drive action.

With the help of the Brain Discovery Profile, each person will learn more about their individual strengths and challenges and learn tools for tapping into everyone’s talents in team settings.

This workshop is proven to to help Improve the way you interact with others, collaborate to reach goals and impact your life performance.

Brain Discovery Profile Provides Brain Style” (a picture of how the emotional and rational parts of your brain are working together.)

How are your style, strengths, and challenges creating results?

How does your brain focus, decide, and drive?

What are your brain’s key strengths for creating the future?

A powerful snapshots of your brain’s current style for processing emotional and cognitive data.  The Brain Discovery Profile is a 1-page summary distilling a decade of research into an incredibly insightful summary of your Brain Style.

Click below for a sample report and brief description of each assessment in the Brain Style and Talents EQ Suite.


Options for Speaking/PD

  • Webinars
  • Live Workshops
  • Conferences
  • District Trainings
  • Professional/Personal Development
  • Training and coaching (for example… leadership, teamwork, performance management, stress, communication, people-skills for project management, etc)
  • Selection, talent management
  • Pre/Post assessment and research
  • Retreats
  • Religious Group
  • Academic Groups

Workshops available ranging from one hour to full day workshops.

Contact me about availability and pricing (varies based on length and distance).