✨Do you have a stressed child or teen?

✨Has your family lost a loved one due to covid-19 or feeling heavy from separation from family or friends?

✨How are your children holding up? My children and many I work with are showing less motivation with distance learning, zoom calls and when I tell them “go for a walk get out a bit” they don’t want to leave the house. Can you relate?

✨While there are many reasons to feel hopeful in 2021, the pandemic continues to impact our lives and affect the mental health of children and adults. It is why I am sharing my favorite resources to help you support you and your child during these tough times.


Social Emotional Wellness Resources To Support Your Child’s Mental Health :

  • Is your child struggling to make or maintain friends? The quality of relationships with peers accounts for 33 to 40% of the variance in achievement in middle school. In middle school, it’s unusual to maintain the same group of close friends over 18 months, this can be quite stressful. To learn more Middle School click here: Mindshift



  • Children’s behaviors are their way of communicating that something is happening. Don’t ignore them, thinking that they will go way. Check in with your child and try to understand what’s going on for them. In this article, Drs. Sheffield Morris and Hays-Grudo offer 10 strategies to help children reduce stress and build resilience.  Click Here10 strategies   


  • This is a great article for MOTIVATION TIPS if you are noticing issues with your child of boredom, worry, poor executive function skills, procrastination etc. Click Here: Attitude


  •  The Khan Academy created a playlist of meditation videos for students click here : Guided Meditation Videos This is a great resource to introduce how just 5-10 of mindfulness (being in present moment) can help in your day.


  • Are you or your child feeling stressed? Try Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) it is my favorite holistic meditation that can release stress in just under 10 minutes. EFT It’s where you tap on acupressure ends points called (meridian points) while focusing on the stress, the trauma, the anxiety, the pain, whatever’s bothering us, we actually send a calming signal to brain to help calm down the stress center so we do not get hijacked in the 3 “F”s (fight, freeze, flight) response.  If you would like to schedule a free session to learn more and tap with me click here: EFT 

Remember we are not meant to do life alone, these are the skills I help people with of all ages with in my Emotional Wellness Mastery Program. To learn more click here: Thrive in EQ 



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