Working with Tabatha to understand my EQ results has really helped me feel more confident in how I run my business. Her understanding of EQ work and the ease of which she translated my brain brief profile made working with her so beneficial. She took the time to go through each of my “brain apps” with me in a way that was easy to understand so that I could gain clarity on my natural skills and where I can look to optimize for maximum growth.

When I had my assessment I had just launched a brand new business, so understanding where to focus my time and how to make important decisions was something that ended up becoming priceless for me and I continue to leverage it daily.

Now when I am making decisions, looking for solutions, or working with a group of people I am clear on what and how to contribute to make the most of my time. Going through this assessment with her has even helped me understand how to communicate with my husband better, so it has been an all around win win to help me grow in all the important areas of my life.

Working with Tabatha has been amazing and I look forward to growing together even more in the future.

Katie Allen
Style Coach & Personal Stylist

Life is tough. Not only for us adults, but especially for our kiddos. Having a toolbox full of tools and systems is a must.

When I was first introduced to Tabatha, I knew she was special. Her emotional well being programs have been a god sent.

She knows how to help with emotions, feelings, frustrations, and mental health.

I feel comforted knowing my kiddo had these tools for his future as I know it will give him a head start.

Tabatha is amazing. You need to learn to rock the f word with her!

Thank You and Make it a Great Day!!

Jenn Jenkins
Associate Broker
Co Founder of Brokers Hub Realty