“Social distancing and separation are a big part of what is needed to deal with the pandemic and we need to talk about how to counter their effects: we still need to be sensitive to our nervous system’s need to socially engage and connect.” ~ Stephen Porges

This week has been filled with more sadness and uncertainity, but also alot of laughter and joy. It is these times our true character is revealed and we remind ourselves to look at the brighter side and be grateful for what we have.

We are now in the 4th week of social distancing, and this extrovert is ready for some social connection with others. This life is very different for me. I’m grateful for my friends, family, and colleagues and continue to stay connected with them through Zoom.

I’ve now been doing online Emotional intelligence coaching through Zoom online with children, teens, and parents. The feedback most feel right now is:

  • Feelings of stress and exhaustion (especially for working parents who are still trying to work from home and home school their children at the same time) and navigating it all
  • yelling more than normal
  • Fear and anxiety of the unknown
  • Feelings of social disconnect
  • Feeling of sadness parks closed, sports and schools closed, missing friends
  • Feelings of disappointment for cancelled events, grade 12 traditions etc.

I scheduled a zoom meeting today with other moms just to connect and support eachother during these times. It felt so good to see others faces and hear their voices, share our struggles, share what’s working, kid struggles, work issues, routine issues, moving our bodies etc.  Theres nothing more powerful then women helping women THRIVE and spreading positive vibes among eachother.

This lead me to write this blog of virtual ideas to help kids stay virtually connected with friends and relatives, which is so important during these times.

10 Virtual Ideas To Maintain Social Connection for kids:

  1. Host a Netflix Party: Netflix through google, allows you to start a watch party with your friends. You can watch together and chat throughout the movie or show.
  2. Lunch Party: Have kids through video eat lunch or snack together just like they do at School. Send out invitations to meet at a certain time. Come up with some questions they can ask eachother to help with lunch being socially interactive.
  3. A virtual craft playdate: Gather a few friends online, pick a craft each can do independently and do an art activity with eachother.
  4.  Play Quiplash online with friends or relatives. Take turns answering sentence strips and everyone votes for best answer.
  5. Play UNO online 
  6. Play Pictionary or Taboo with friends and
  7. Get a group together for online basketball  
  8. A Virtual baking playdate: Make cookies or yummy dessert in their own kitchens
  9. A time capsale activity: Write down to remember all the changes experienced and ALL the feels.
  10. Have “Show and tell” where kids can see and talk to each other while showing off their latest projects, crafts, and yes…even their current favorite toys!

I would love to hear any ideas you recommend to add to this list.

I wish you and your families lots of social connection during these tough times,

Stay Connected,

P.S. My THRIVE in EQ Club for kids is now offered online. If your interested in your kids having more social connection in a group setting with similar aged peers Click here to register. Starts Monday 04-27-20…Spots are limited!

Kids learn personal development skills to strengthen their social and emotional wellbeing (ie; social skills, manage emotions better, positive self talk, learn to manage emotional triggers with themselves, siblings, school and life, transform anxiety into resilence, time management skills etc.) in a interactive and fun way.

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Tabatha Marden
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