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3 Reasons Why Your Child Struggles To Express &  Manage Big Emotions…and how you can help them transform stress into resilience in healthier ways.

What You Will Take Away:

  • What research says is the real reason why kids, tweens & teens are frustrated, worried, anxious, and angry
  • Effective Calming Coping skills
  • a “Resilience” toolbox of coping tool ideas to have at the ready
  • How to get your kids to express and manage big emotions in healthier ways
  • Learn how to get your kids to notice their anger before it rises and they lose control of their emotions
  • How to teach your kids to practice emotional intelligence to stress less and FEEL Happier in life NOW through adulthood
  • The confidence to tackle on the most challenging behaviors so you can go from overwhelmed, stressed, and barely making it to THRIVING each day with your child

3 Simple Steps To Get Your Kids To Listen without yelling

(It is also The secret to getting to the rootcause of your child’s emotional world…Behavior)

What You will Take Away…

  • Discover how to stay calm & not lose it when your kids are driving you crazy
  • Discover the “hidden triggers” causing your child’s challenging behavior and stop it before it even starts
  • Why your child won’t listen to you when you yell…and what to do instead
  • The magic reset button, instantly dissolve tension, so you can remain calm, connect with your child, and get them to actually listen
  • How the brain works, gets emotionally hijacked, and how you can re-wire it to solve problems
  • How to develop a parent-child relationship you want in moments of crisis, anxiety, stress etc.

5 Ways To Build Confidence In Your Kids

  • Relationship Building (how to make and maintain a friend…social connection)
  • 4 steps of communication  (skills needed NOW through adulthood)
  • Tips to improve your social skills to increase your empathy and perspective taking skills
  • Discover in your strengths to help you in times of conflict and problem solving
  • Help your child with negative thinking to use postive self-talk when they are hard on themselves for making mistakes

How To Support Teaching Your Child Social-Emotional Wellbeing Skills At Home! (5 Skills Proven To Improve Academics, Relationships & Mental Health)

  • What is Emotional intelligence and how to practice it daily to stress less and live a happier life
  • Effective strategies to help your child manage and express their emotions
  • Tips to have a parent-child relationship you are proud of
  • How To create a Family Success Emotional Wellbeing Plan to help when big emotions arise
  • Tools and strategies to notice when your anger rises so you don’t lose control

Preparing Your Child For The New School Year To Work Through The Discomfort Of Anxiety & School Triggers…To Help Enjoy The Journey

  • The truth how Anxiety & Social Anxiety work
  • Tips and tools how to manage back to School stress and Anxiety
  • Tips to help with getting back to regular sleep routines
  • Tips to answer “What if” questions are starting
  • Effective strategies to ensure practice school routines before start of school (sleep, coping skills, what if thoughts,)
  • Suggestions when to seek professional help


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