A central aim of any society should be that its children enjoy their lives and acquire the skills necessary to become happy, functioning adults. For this, they need to develop emotional buoyancy, coping skills, resilience and the ability to form constructive social relationships.

-World Happiness Report, 2015

As someone who works with kids, our goal is to help them learn and grow into emotionally intelligent kind humans. Who can form healthy relationships, transform stress into resilience NOW through adulthood?

It’s the key to being happy! However, it is the #1 struggle in kids and adults today. It is why I have devoted my career to helping people stress less and be happier more. This includes adults too!

Research shows kids are struggling to be happy, I’m sure you’ve seen the trend in today’s modern-day society even before COVID. Kids are:

  • Frustrated
  • Anxious
  • Overwhelmed
  • Worried

They feel stressed because they do not have the tools to cope with feelings and expressing those feelings in healthy ways.

Something is not working so what can do?

You can teach your kids coping skills. You can create Ninjas who can identify and manage their emotions in healthier ways.

How do we do this?

Be PROACTIVE and learn coping skills that help you calm down before your anger rises and you lose self-control. In the middle of a meltdown there’s no time to be figuring out coping skills.

What’s in your Emotional Coping skills “toolbox?”

Teaching kids at a young age will help them develop healthy ways to manage feelings smarter, and will give them a a stronger sense of confidence to work through life challenges NOW through adulthood.  I wish I learned coping skills as a child.

I struggled with anxiety for years as a child, not having tools to manage my emotions, tools to help me make sense of thoughts, feelings and actions took away enjoying school, going to bday parties, sleepover with friends etc. I am on a mission to make sure kids have tools to help them with big emotions so they can enjoy the journey of being a kid.

Having coping skills at the ready for times when feeling stress, anxious or overwhelm is important. It is the key to work through the discomfort of tough situations and life challenges with less stress more calm and ease. It’s why I created a Resilience “Toolbox coping kit kids can use forever, because stress, pressure and challenges are part of everyday life.  

Mom’s need support too: Here is what I am doing to help families stress less and FEEL happier more. 

  1. Free “Resilience Toolbox “ coping tool kit of ideas to have when feeling stressed, anxious or overwhelmed. Click HERE to download, print it out, circle your favorites and start your journey to feel less stress and more calm!
  2. Free workshop Wednesday May 27th at 10:00 PST: 3 Simple Steps to help our kids with BIG emotions of feeling stress, anxious, overwhelm, and angry…and what you can do to help them manage these feelings in healthier ways. I get vulnerable and real, and share my personal story of how I struggled with my child’s anxiety, and how it impacted my and relationship with my kids and the positive turn around. The daily action work I did and continue to do today to keep our connection and help them with BIG emotions. Click HERE to sign up
  3. Empowerment Online Program launches May 19th for kids, tweens, teens to learn and practice the skills of emotional intelligence. Skills needed to strengthen their social-emotional wellbeing NOW through adulthood.  Included Parent support once child is enrolled, you will be ARMED with the tools and knowledge to help your child at home and apply the skills with continued learning and conversations. Click HERE to enroll and view more details. 7 spots available.

Share what tools are your favorite and what works for you and your child. I would love to hear about it!

Happy Parenting friends,

Tabatha Marden

Tabatha Marden