How To Help Your Child OR Teen Build The 5 Social Emotional (SEL) Skills to succeed in life NOW through adulthood

Hello Mama’s…

Are you feeling helpless, and find yourself stressed and anxious about your child’s social emotional wellbeing with the everyday challenges with global pandemic

As COVID numbers increase and this different way of life continues, there’s increased levels of loneliness, stress and negative thoughts that impacts our kid’s social emotional wellbeing.

The workshop will help you add tools to your parent toolbelt how to apply the 5 Skills of SEL with your kids that research shows are proven to improve mental health, confidence, behavior and academics.

This has been a tough year to navigate, let alone be a parent and having to wear many hats (counselor, cook, nurse, teacher etc.)

Many feeling alone, like no one understands, failure as a mom and knowing we are going in the new year with little change can feel like you are at the end of your rope.

No matter how it shows up for you, overwhelm, stress, mom guilt feels heavy and can hit you at any point and at any situation.

Ignoring these symptoms can lead to feelings of loneliness, resentment, bitterness and anger can take over and prevent you from showing up as the parent you desire to be.

The good news is, this is what I help mom’s with in my Thrive In EQ (Parent support)  Program and trainings in schools. If you are wanting to learn the truth about social emotional learning and how you can add these tools to your parent toolbelt then this workshop is for you.

I am going to share my personal story with you, and the subtle shifts, tools and strategies that made a big difference in managing my stress and how I show up as a parent.

I am providing the tools that are backed up by research, what I teach my children, clients and students, the truth about SEL and how we practice it so we can help ourselves and kids THRIVE during these challenging times.

WHY? Because YOU matter and YOU don’t need to FEEL alone in your parent journey.

This workshop is for women to come together, share struggles and connect while getting effective tools to empower your children with to improve their emotional health NOW through adulthood.

Join me in my FREE workshop Wednesday January 20th at 10:00 MST 

Where you will learn:

  • The truth about 5 social emotional learning skills  and why it is needed to raise emotionally intelligent children NOW through adulthood
  • The research behind why SEL is proven to improve mental health, behavior, confidence, academics and so much more for kids
  • Strategies and tools to use immediately to add to your parent toolbelt  in your home with your kids
  • The secret to avoid getting emotionally hijacked (Freeze, Fight, Flight) mode
  • Coping strategies to Master managing your emotions so you can become less reactive, and show up with confidence as the leader, mom, wife, caregiver, etc. you desire to be.

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